Is the Jerry Jones Civil War with the NFL finally over?

IRVING — The most powerful men and women of the NFL met today in Las Colinas, with the big topic being commissioner Roger Goodell’s new, 5 year, 200 million dollar contract.

It was also Jerry Jones’ last chance to stall that contract in his ongoing feud with Goodell and owners like Arthur Blank, but Jones’ Hail Mary never really stood a chance.

“We accomplished everything that we wanted to accomplish,” said Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons. “We went through the commissioner’s contract. Most importantly we went through the process, a reminder to all the owners of the amount of communication that we’ve had.”

Well one tiny concession might’ve been that the commish’s new contract is based on performance, with 90% of the cash connected to how well he does his job. But Blank said that Jerry didn’t have anything to do with that, so who knows?

But after Jerry has now lost the Battle of Zeke and the Battle of Goodell’s Contract back-to-back, is there any chance of a truce between the sides?

“We have different views, that makes us stronger,” Goodell told reporters. “I respect that, I respect Jerry, I respect everyone else in that room, they all have strong views about the way we do things and I think that’s what’s made us successful.”

“I know how much Roger Goodell loves the NFL,” Jones said. “And he should love it even more after right now.”

So maybe this is finally an end to this NFL Civil War, or maybe Jerry will take these losses and just get ready to rebel again!