Felons give back by helping elderly put up Christmas lights in Grand Prairie

GRAND PRAIRIE -- This time of year can be wonderful - the trees, the decorations, the camaraderie, but there`s something extra special about those lights...

"Rick always had them out the week before Thanksgiving or the week after Thanksgiving," says Rhonda Ramsey. "I tried last year but I put them all out backwards and I couldn`t get them plugged in."

Rhonda says Rick, her childhood sweetheart and husband of more than 40 years, passed away three years ago from cancer.

"He was a fireman in Grand Prairie, a Lieutenant, and he was very proud to be a fireman, he would not boast or brag about it," she says. "[He was] ready to lend a hand to anybody, you know, he was just a super guy."

And in true Rick-fashion, this year others are lending a hand to Rhonda.

"Pretty much just helping the community and putting up the lights in the Christmas Spirit," says Cornbread Hustler, Temeetrius Chambers, " doing Cornbread Hustle things."

Rhonda's neighbor Jim- with Bridges to Life, Denali, and Cornbread Hustle (an organization dedicated to giving convicted felons a second chance) are doing what they do best: hustling to brighten up Rhonda's Christmas.

"This time of year is kinda, a little emotional," explains Temeetrius, "with the loss of my brother and my mom, I think she`d pretty much be proud of me helping out."

"This is a wonderful thing they`re doing giving back and they`ll never know how much I appreciate it," says Rhonda.

And as we've learned from watching a Charlie Brown Christmas..."That`s what Christmas is all about."