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WATCH: Emotional Skype-reunion for teen who asked social media to find his “shero”

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MCKINNEY -- You might've seen Caleb Johnson across your social media feeds. That's because his viral video, now with over 36 million views, was a heartwarming journey to find the woman who nursed him back to health.

You see, 17 years ago a deadly car crash killed his parents and injured his siblings. Caleb, who was only an infant, suffered severe head trauma.

Fast forward back to today; the power of social media connected Caleb with the folks at Medical City- McKinney.

Unfortunately, his real life "shero" passed away several years ago, but Caleb and his family were greeted via Skype by the other caregivers from the ER that day.

The reunion turned out be an emotional walk down memory lane for both the family and the nurses. Let's just say a whole lot of tissues were needed.

With a medical miracle like this around the holidays, looks like Christmas came early this year!

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