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Don’t fall for it! BBB warns of illegal “Secret Sister Gift Exchange”

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ARLINGTON COUNTY, VA-- The secrets out on that "Secret Sister Gift Exchange" you've probably seen on Facebook. Eh, hate to be a scrooge here but the Better Business Bureau is reporting it as a total scam!

The online trend tells you to buy a gift for $10, add your name to a list, and then you'll receive dozens of presents in the mail.

Sounds too good to be true, huh? Well, that's because it is.

The BBB is calling it the modern version of a "chain letter scheme". So not only are they illegal, but participants could be subject to mail fraud and their personal information could fall into the wrong hands. (We're not talking Santa or his elves.)

"When you post this you are putting private information on the post," explained Veronica Craker with the BBB. "You are putting your address and name. The post has to be open to the public so now you've opened yourself to a whole host of problems."

So much for a so-called "sister" circle.

Just be safe this holiday and keep the gift exchanging to your real family and friends!

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