Video shows enraged customer spray hotel worker with fire extinguisher

XI’AN CITY, SHAANXI PROVINCE, China – How do you say ‘anger management’ in Chinese? Qíngxù guǎnlǐ? Because this guy needs it after walking up to a hotel worker in China and dousing her with a fire extinguisher.

The man first called to request a room, but would not give the hotel receptionist his name. According to USA Today, all he would say is he was a friend of the owner; the receptionist then told the man she would not book a room for him without a name. When the man cursed and chewed her out, she hung up on him.

And then, things got really bad.

The man allegedly drove to the hotel, doused the woman with the fire extinguisher, then continued his berating of her as she called police.

Security? Was there security?

You bet. Video shows a security guard approach the man — and offer him a cigarette. For real! It’s plain as day in the video; here’s hoping it was in efforts to get the man to calm down and stop abusing hotel employees.

Extent, if any of the woman’s injuries is not known.