Simon Says: The office holiday party is dead, but here’s why it’s OK

DALLAS -- Having an office holiday party this season?

Chances are it won’t be an open bar with a lot of vodka and chardonnay-fueled conversation.

Yeah, it’s all because of them.

There are reports many companies are putting ‘HR’ before the holiday this year. Some places have come up with rules about how to act and even dance.

Hey, it’s not all bad.

I know a guy who has a great rule: he never lets anyone take a picture of him while he’s holding alcohol. Yeah, hold that beer with a sneeze, or a bad angle, and next thing you know, you’re an Instagram drunk and people start talking!

‘Alcohol-free’ parties will prevent that kind of thing.

And even though 'personal space' seems to be the best gift this season, there’s something else this whole mess is also giving us: a valuable reminder.

No matter where you are, or where you go, someone is watching and likely recording you.

A phone can be the best deterrent to deviant behavior. Think about that the next time you are on a bus (Trump),  a plane (Al Franken) or a couch.

This is the kind of advice that keeps on giving this season. Take it with you, pass it along to your friends.  It’ll hopefully take harassment out of the holidays.

It’s something you can talk about at all your office parties.

It should be easy, considering it took a bunch of pigs, to stop people from going hog wild.