“I’m in!” Lupe Valdez kicks off campaign for governor of Texas

You've been hearing about it for days. Now it's official.

"I'm in," Lupe Valdez said Wednesday morning in Austin as she announced her candidacy for governor of Texas.

The Dallas County Sheriff stepped down from that job, looking for a bigger one.

"I've dedicated my life to defending Texas and I'm not done yet," Valdez said.

She was in her fourth term as sheriff.

You've heard for years that Democrats think Texas could go "purple" soon. Democrats hope a prominent Hispanic woman can help get more Hispanics to the polls.

Valdez has had some firsts in her career, like becoming the first Hispanic female sheriff in Texas and the first openly gay sheriff in Texas.

If she wins, there'll be more firsts:

  • First Hispanic governor of Texas,
  • First openly gay governor of Texas--or of any state, and
  • First 21st Century Democrat to win statewide office in Texas.

But considering how they`ve been doing in Texas, "Dem" are some long odds.