Delta flight goes hundreds of miles off path when fliers have to ‘go really bad’

BILLINGS, Mont. - A Delta flight heading from New York to Seattle Saturday night flew hundreds of miles off path because passengers had to "go really bad," the crew reported.

According to aviation reports, Delta Flight 453 began its six-hou


r journey across country easily enough, but then toilets stopped working and... were full. Passengers couldn't hold it so, just like it is on long road trips, they had to make a pit stop. Billings Logan International Airport seemed as good a place as any, apparently.


But Montana wasn't ready for the potty party. According to an incident report at, Logan had no gates available for passengers and crew to deplane. That meant there was no way for everyone to "find relief of built up pressures," the report said.

So... the pilots took the plane to a cargo area, a rolling staircase was brought out, and you can bet they deplaned faster than any other travelers ever -- not including disaster and hijacking movies.

Good news is everyone was able to use the restroom. Bad news is the stop ended up being 3 1/2 hours -- but we're betting the toilets were working the rest of the trip and passengers were much more relaxed.