Church leaders meet to discuss safety options after mass shootings

PLANO- We've seen what happened to innocent church-goers at First Baptist of Sutherland Springs and Emanuel AME in Charleston.

Now congregations are fighting back.

"Things have changed in our country, including in our churches," said pastor Mike Buster. "We have to be more aware than ever of who's coming into our churches."

Are you still safe praying in a house of worship?

Nearly 700 church leaders met in Plano Tuesday morning to make sure that answer is "yes."

"Whatever the churches can put in place to help the people will offer them some relief," said Rev. James Jenkins.

Background checks, security teams, firearms, just a few options church leaders at the security conference considered to help keep their members safe.

"We're not ignorant," said pastor Marty Earls. "And we don't want to be ignorant or unaware. The bible says to be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves."

These leaders want to make sure the doors of the church are always open, now they're simply prepared for anyone who may walk in.