Take 33: Forty Magazine’s Kian Hervey is guiding Millennials to building careers

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DALLAS -- While there are numbers of resources for entrepreneurs in Dallas, there aren't many for Millennials in corporate. Now, publications analyst Kian Hervey hopes to change that by building a community of young professionals rallying behind her online source, Forty Magazine.

Kian Hervey, Founder of Forty Magazine

"There are over 20 Fortune 500 companies here in Dallas and even more small businesses that Millennials support,” Hervey said. “Forty Magazine is all about working 40 hours a week. We specifically help professionals under 40 build their dream career, whether that's in corporate America or outside the office."

Hervey started Forty Magazine after she graduated from Southern Methodist University. When she started working at Southwest Airlines, she felt a little lost and overwhelmed about her career. Like most Millennials her age, she searched the internet for help.

Most of Forty Magazine's followers are ages 25 to 34.  Followers are invited to share their own corporate stories and attend in-person networking events. The magazine regularly publishes articles on their website and social media channels about working full-time.

Forty Magazine, Issue No. 9

"Millennials, we grew up sharing and posting on social media, so I just took that model and applied it to the 40-hour work week."

The magazine publishes three times a year. Hervey says her goal is to help Millennials move from campus to corporate office.

"Despite what other generations think about us, we really do want to build our careers; we just want to build them together."