Wesley and Sini Mathews lose visitation rights to 4-year-old biological daughter

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DALLAS — Sini Mathews won’t be seeing her four-year-old daughter anytime soon. That’s because the court has temporarily stripped away her and Wesley Mathews’ visitation.

Tuesday’s custody hearing also revealed more information surrounding Sherin Mathews’ death. The family doctor took the stand and testified about Sherin’s signs of weight loss earlier in the year.

“There is weight loss in January and at that point the pediatrician was working with the family regarding nutrition,” the doctor explained.

A CPS investigator also testified about Sini Mathews’ behavior when the 4-year-old daughter was taken away.

“She was eerily calm,” she told the court.  “I really took note of it because typically a mother would be very upset about her child being removed.”

In the end, the court had heard enough. They found “aggravated circumstances” against the Mathews and they’ve both been denied visitation rights.

As for the four-year-old daughter, she’s currently living with relatives near Houston, while mommy and daddy sit behind bars.