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Buddy Garrity as Ebenezer Scrooge? In Dallas, yes!

DALLAS -- "I'm light as a feather! I'm happy as an angel! I'm merry as a school boy! I'm giddy as a drunk!"

It's Brad Leland's favorite scene from A Christmas Carol, and this year he's the one acting it out.

"At this point he's just light and happy, and it's like all that heavy life that he's been living has lifted," Leland said, describing one of the seminal moments of the production.

(Courtesy Dallas Theater Center and Karen Almond)

Dallas Theater Center's Ebenezer Scrooge certainly isn't Scrooge-like in person.

"I want everyone to have a tremendously merry Christmas," he told NewsFix at the end of an interview Tuesday.

He does claim one part of him has that Scrooge quality.

"It's the nose, ya know," he laughed, showing his profile. "I got the big nose, the Scrooge nose."

Look beyond the Scrooge costume and period facial hair, though, and you might see someone else.

That's right, Friday Night Lights fans. Ebenezer Scrooge is ultimate booster, Buddy Garrity. This is Leland's first major stage production in years, and it came out of nowhere.

"I was like, 'Are you kidding me? You've never seen me,'" he said when asked about being approached for the role.

After some thought, though, he realized his famous character does have a story arc similar to the original Christmas miser.

(Courtesy Dallas Theater Center and Karen Almond)

"In this case it happens in an hour-and-a-half and not five years so a big difference there," Leland said, "but similar in a way because they do both a giant change."

Leland got reunited with another FNL mainstay, mother of Smash Williams and longtime DTC member, Liz Mikel.

"She's always telling me, 'I got ya. No matter what, I got ya. Come talk to me.' She's awesome."

And just as good, the former Plano High state football champion is doing all this on his home stage.

"Since 1969 I've been coming to the Dallas Theater Center, so to get to actually play here now is a dream come true that I never even dreamt," he admitted.

The dream lives on through December 28, but would Buddy have taken the role if given the chance?

"He likes being in front of cameras. He likes the attention. It's a different thing with Buddy though," Leland laughed. "I don't know about Buddy and acting though."

So a bit of a humbug to Buddy's acting career, but Brad's has taken a whole new direction, and he's loving every minute.

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