Relationship experts say couples should only see each other once a week

If you`re starting a new relationship, take it slow!

Relationship experts say, if you just started seeing someone, stick to the once-a-week rule.

That means, see each other once a week. That may sound very odd, considering that you like each other, and everyone enjoys the thrill of meeting and getting to know a new person. But, experts say the danger comes in seeing each other too much.

Couples that rush in too fast, can burn out just as quickly.

"I see it a lot more with the messaging at the beginning of a relationship, " Love Jenn relationship expert Jennifer Styers says. "Sometimes people want to rush in and their comfort level is, their threshold is, much lower. So you gotta pay attention to people's boundaries."

Jennifer also said it`s best to be sure to give each other some space and time, so you better learn each other`s boundaries.

She also said, a little mystery is a good thing at the start of a relationship. That helps reinforce the excitement we get from finally seeing each other.