SMU security video shows group posting racist banners on campus

DALLAS -- Everyone is talking about the racist and homophobic flyers hung up on Southern Methodist University’s campus over the weekend. Jeremy Smith, an SMU student says it's a big deal. “Definitely within some groups at SMU, it’s a really big deal.”

Smith says it's not the first time that it's happened either. “If anything, this one made me most uncomfortable, because it was so easy for them to put up. Like, they even put up a big banner on the lacrosse field.”

A white supremacist group is taking responsibility for some of it, by posting pictures on social media. However, we aren't going to post them here. Isn’t that exactly what those hate groups are looking for? Giselle Meza says yes, “I feel like they just want attention, yeah definitely. I think that’s all that they want, they want attention, they want their opinion to be heard.”

Campus police are looking into what happened, and asking for your help identifying five people caught on camera. Police say late Saturday night they were seen getting out of a pick up truck by Park Cities Plaza. Shortly after, two of them were seen carrying a banner.

If you have any information about the situation, or can identify any of the people in the pictures, you're asked to call SMU Police at 214-768-3333. If you want to remain anonymous, you can call 214-SMU-2TIP or report it online here.

On Sunday, SMU President, R. Gerald Turner released a statement about the fliers. "The signs were not authorized by SMU and have been removed, and SMU Police have initiated an investigation." He goes on to say that the university strongly supports freedom of speech and expression, however these signs promote a message that is the opposite to their values. "As an institution dedicated to learning, we value respectful and civil disclosure."

Smith says the whole situation needs to be addressed.  “If SMU wants to sponsor, like a full community, that’s about inclusiveness and everything, people don’t feel safe anymore. Something more drastic than what has been done, an email sent out to the student body.”