Richardson community remembers the life of 3-year-old Sherin Mathews

DALLAS- Confusion, anger, grief.

We're all still trying to process the death of Sherin Mathews, a 3-year-old whose adoptive parents reported her missing, but then claimed she choked to death while drinking milk.

Community of Christ Church in Richardson held a special memorial service Saturday morning for little Sherin, giving those who've followed the case an opportunity to grieve a life cut short.

"Just at a loss for words. How could someone take something so precious," said one mother at the service.

Both of Sherin's adoptive parents have been charged with crimes surrounding their alleged involvement with her death.

"It just really ripped my heart," said Terrence Autry, the pastor at Community of Christ.

For parents torn apart by this case, it's just another reminder of how precious every minute with your little ones can be.