Woman hit and killed in accident after helping save accused drunk driver

DALLAS- Laride Conerly witnessed a good samaritan get killed after stopping to help an accused drunk driver crash his car.

Police say 25-year-old Delveltric Adair, crashed his car into a guardrail Thursday night.

"All I can see is that lady lying [there], and we're all standing around," Conerly said. "Can't do nothing for her...when she was trying to do something for everyone."

Conerly says after the crash, the woman rushed out of her car, pulling Smith to safety.

She went back to check his car for any other passengers when an incoming truck struck and killed her.

"That lady in that street was putting her life on the line, for someone she didn't even know," Conerly said. "That's heartwrenching...why did she have to be hit when she was doing so much?"

Today, Cornerly wants to make sure the woman is celebrated as a hero, and that her story will make you think twice before driving drunk.

"I don't even know her name," he said. "But that's a woman that should never be forgotten."