Who’s smarter? Canines or felines? Science has the answer!

DALLAS- This is it! Dogs vs. cats-the true battle of the brains!

"You know, before I read the study, I would say for sure that cats probably had more of the street smarts than dogs," said Maura Davies of the SPCA. "But even before I looked at the study, I had my doubts."

Vanderbilt University examined cortical neurons and suggested dogs have bark and brains.

The study showed that dogs have about 530 million of these neurons, while cats carry about 250 million.

And if we're bragging, humans have about 16 billion...well, some of us.

"You know, I think that cats will always be smart, and so will dogs," Davies said.  "Some people out there might even say that they might end up being smarter than most people."

While we may never really know who would have the highest SAT scores, the SPCA has the perfect adoptable pet for you!