The Trap House? White House dealing with mice, roaches, and other creatures

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Uh oh! The Trump White House is turning into the the Trap House y'all.

No seriously. Word is, they've had to set up mouse traps because rodents and roaches have been running rampant.

Hard to believe? Well, NBC News put 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. on blast with a maintenance report they dug up!

Apparently, room 205 in the West Wing had a dead mouse that needed to be picked up.

Kelli Anne Conway's office needed bug lights installed, and they called out pest control to treat for cockroaches IN  the dining rooms. Oh and the press lobby and Mike Pence's office needs mouse traps too!

No word of any rats coming out of the White House these days -- you know like actual rats.

Before you say Trump and the rest of his party brought in these un-welcomed guests, the White House has had this same problem in previous administrations.

After all, the political palace is over 200 years old.