Dallas city officials plan to fix bike share parking complaints

Picture courtesy: Joseph Cabrera

DALLAS -- You don’t have to walk very far around Dallas to see bicycles in places that probably strike you as odd. That’s by design. You rent one on the bikes with your phone, you ride it, and then leave it where ever you feel like when you’re done.

While some people love the convenience, there is a group of bike share haters who want something to be done.

Some say all the bikes that end up on the street, on the sidewalk, or in front of businesses are a safety issue, and it looks bad for the city.

Someone snapped a picture of one left in the dumper. Another person snapped a picture where the bike is hanging off of a tree. And, one upset person snapped a picture outside of a Deep Ellum business where a group of bikes were blocking a bike rack that customers use.

Courtesy: Joseph Cabrera

Interestingly enough, there's ANOTHER bike share program coming on Dallas soon.

A city representative tells us when they started the bike share program they decided, basically not to have any guidelines. They wanted to let the market figure it out, itself. But, after a number of complaints, there is a plan in place.

One part of the plan would be to explore having virtual parking areas for the bikes.

For now, if you see a bike somewhere it doesn’t belong, you can call 3-1-1 and get something done.