Chew on This: Peach delivers to hungry Dallasites in the office

DALLAS – Food delivery services can be clutch, especially when you're stuck in the office. And one service is specifically catering to folks who are fiending a meal on the clock. It's Peach.

"We are delivering lunch to office buildings,” Dakota Mackey told Newsfix. Mackey is the head of restaurant supply at Peach. “And it can be in the form of tray catering for a big event or, most commonly, our core product is individuals at these companies that we're launched at ordering for themselves daily via text."

So, here's how it works:

"In order to launch a company on Peach, you need to have 50 sign-ups,” Mackey said. "We do announcements where we give a promotion and encourage everyone to sign up a try our service. We do promo events."

Once your company gets 50 sign ups, it's time to eat. And all you have to do is respond to a text.

"Every morning at 9:00 a.m. you'll get a text with up to two restaurant options,” Mackey said. "Restaurants will have dishes in 4-5 different categories. Respond 'Yes.' So, if you are interested in the taco trio and that's their meat dish you say 'Yes A'. It's super simple. And then it'll arrive to you by 12:15."

Chew on This: Peach delivery not only aims to help hungry workers, but the community restaurants as well.

"The fact that we're texting over 60,000 people nationally with mom and pop restaurant names, that's huge for that brand,” Mackey told Newsfix. “You can't even pay for that kind of exposure."

As for the customers' pockets...

"Our lunches generally range from $8-$12,” Mackey said. “There aren't any hidden fees or tipping, so it's really straight forward."

A small price to pay to be rewarded for the fruits of your labor!