Sign of the Times: Cowboys ticket prices plunge, game against Giants pushed out of prime time

FRISCO, TX — The Cowboys 3 game losing streak hasn’t just hurt them in the standings, it’s killed the team’s appeal for the closing stretch.

Ticket prices for Thursday’s game have plummeted, with party passes going for as cheap as six bucks on re-sell sites.

Plus, the NFL announced today that they are flexing next week’s Cowboys-Giants game out of the prime 3:25 kickoff to the noon spot… in favor of a Jaguars game. That might be a sign of the apocalypse!

But one thing can cure all of it: A win against the Redskins.

“Just win, win for us,” Bryon Jones said. “Play hard ball, tackling, breaking up passes, just playing fundamentally sound football and that’s what we’ve got to start doing.”

Hey there’s still hope. The path to the playoffs is tough but there. Win Thursday, then take on the pathetic Giants, try to upset the disappointing Raiders, get Zeke back and then get the magic going.

Yeah it’s a longshot, but you gotta believe.  And hey, in the meantime, you can snag tickets to watch the game for the price of a large coffee.