Say What? Eric Trump defends dad on Twitter and we’re confused

WASHINGTON, D.C.– We’re sure you’ve heard about POTUS’ latest unfiltered moment.

Nope, this time it wasn’t on Twitter but at a Navajo Veterans event.

“Although we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago, they call her Pocahontas,” Trump said.

Yep. He. Went. There.

As you can imagine, a lot of folks including Senator Elizabeth Warren who Trump was talking about, says the “Pocahontas reference” was racist.

“You know, I really couldn’t believe it,” Warren told CNN. “President Trump couldn’t even make it through a ceremony to honor these men without throwing in a racial slur.”

Well, Eric Trump says his daddy’s use of the word wasn’t offensive. In fact, Eric took to Twitter to explain:

Uhhh …what?

Well for anyone who doesn’t know … Disney’s Pocahontas was based on the real life Pocahontas, not Senator Elizabeth Warren.

FYI: This isn’t the first time Trump has called Warren Pocahontas or mentioned her heritage.