WTF! Did Lil’ Kim just ban alcohol, dancing, and singing in North Korea?!

PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA -- Okaaay things just got super weird in North Korea, y'all. Kim Jong-un has reportedly banned the entire country from drinking alcohol, dancing, and singing!

More specifically,  no one is allowed to do these things at social gatherings.

But why?

South Korea's National Intelligence Bureau says this so-called "no fun" ban was designed to suppress the impact of international sanctions. The same "highest level of sanctions" President Trump recently put in place. It's all part of POTUS' big plan to convince Pyongyang to back off those nuclear bombs!

Dancing and singing aren't the only things that'll get you in trouble over there. North Koreans are no longer allowed to express feelings of affection to their moms.

Now that's just ... cray cray!

Lil' Kim reportedly wants Mother's Day (which is November 11th) to be dedicated to him instead. He even went as far as trashing folks' flowers and cards that weren't addressed to him.

Y'all ... Lil' Kim is the real life Dr. Evil.