Wilted Rose: CBS co-host fired after eight women claim sexual assault and harassment

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NEW YORK CITY -- Another day, another sexual assault claim. This time, Charlie Rose is in the hot seat and the Washington Post is spilling all the tea!

They interviewed eight women who all have different stories of alleged sexual assault and harassment. Some of these ladies, who were as young as 21 at the time, traveled with Charlie and were known as "Charlie's Angels."

But their reports are anything but angelic.

They say Charlie either groped, made lewd phone calls, and unwanted advances during the time they worked and traveled with him. Charlie also pulled a Harvey Weinstein and allegedly walked around butt-booty naked in front of some of the victims.

If you think that's awkward, Charlie's CBS This Morning co-hosts had no choice but to address the elephant in the room.

CBS apparently has zero tolerance because it took less than 24 hours to fire Charlie. PBS also decided to pull the plug.

So what did Charlie have to say about the allegations?

Well, in a statement he apologized for his "inappropriate behavior" but says he doesn't "believe that all of these allegations are accurate."

Whatever the case may be the seriousness behind these allegations probably took Charlie and his angels from heaven to hell.

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