Two sex scandals + Ohio government officials = help wanted

COLUMBUS, OH -- What the heck is going on in Ohio?!

First on the state's freaky deaky list: an Ohio State Rep. resigned after he was caught getting it on with a man in his office! Wesley Goodman, who is married to a woman, is known for being very anti-LGBTQ and pushing for a "natural marriage between a man and a woman."

In a statement, Goodman said 'We all bring our own struggles and our own trials into public life. That has been true for me....for those whom I have let down, I'm sorry."

Second on the freaky deaky list: Ohio Supreme Court Justice and Governor candidate Bill O'Neill.

He posted some raunchy stuff on Facebook, like being "sexually intimate with approximately 50 attractive females...from a gorgeous blonde in her parent's barn...and ended with a drop dead gorgeous red head."

O'Neill says he posted it after all the Al Franken sexual misconduct drama. "Rational messages are not being heard. People are going to extremes," O'Neill said. "The feeding frenzy of the media is demanding a level of purity of candidates that cannot be met."

He then turned around with an apology on Facebook:

No word yet if he'll give up the race for governor. We repeat: what the heck is going on in Ohio, y'all?!