Legends of Tomorrow S03 E06: Helen of Troy and Hedy Lamarr in 1930’s Hollywood, and Damien is back but with what purpose?

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Hello my Legends Legionaries! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

This episode Helen Hunt brought the original Helen, Helen of Troy who's time displaced in the 1937 Hollywood! Greek myth describes her as the most beautiful woman in the world and as such in Hollywood studio execs would kill for her - literally.

Demand for her also causes young actress Hedy Lamarr to get passed over.

Without Lamarr becoming a star, that chain of events stops Lamarr from inventing and early form of the "spread spectrum" technology. In the same way young Ray's death two episodes ago caused his future self to phase out, Lamarr's important precursor to digital wireless technology affects the Waverider.

By episode's end, Zari's one on one with Helen convinces Helen not to stay and Lamarr's suggestion that Freaky Friday Jax and Stein's merge into Firestorm will undo their switcharoo also sparks Lamarr's scientific curiosity. Thus restoring Lamarr's past as both screen star and inventor.

Side note: Dr Stein getting to take over the Firestorm persona in action sequences during final battle may have a partial send off and thank you to actor Victor Garber whos leaving sometime this season.

Bonus note: Zari doesn't return Helen to the greek battlefields (which works because she is greek myth afterall). It's fitting that she drops her off 1253... Themyscira. That's right paradise island, the home of the amazons! Will they give us Wonder Woman or her other characters in the Legends or as it's known the Arrowverse?

But... this episode was all about the villains!

First Damien is baaaack after last episode's surprise resurrection.

Darhk gives us a physical agent for the unseen time villain Mallus and a physical villain for our Legends. Darhk's purpose and Mallus' purpose are still somewhat undiscovered.

But it's fantastic to see this villain rise to prominence after last season when he seemed somewhat neutered by Legion of Doom leader Reverse Flash

And as I mentioned last recap Madame Eleanor is none other than Damien Darhk’s future daughter Nora Darkh. Young Nora was last seen as a child in several episodes of Arrow Season four.

Probably the biggest reveal (unless you're watching the CW animated show Vixen - which you totally should) is that the Water Witch Kuasa is modern day Vixen Mari McCabe’s sister - making her Amaya's grand daughter! That’s why Kuasa said she couldn't kill Amaya back when they first met in our Zari episode in 2042.

Speaking of villains next episodes previews gives us an anachronism in the jungles of Vietnam. And was that Flash Villain Gorilla Grodd? Wha? Huh?

It's the newest Legends of Tomorrow Welcome to the Jungle!

Photography by Rueben Gonzales

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