Cowboys face a must-win on Thanksgiving

Dak Prescott speaks to the media after Tuesday’s practice.

FRISCO — The Cowboys don’t have much time to lick their wounds from Sunday’s beat down, and they were back on the practice field today trying to get ready for Thursday’s Turkey Day showdown against the Chargers.

How serious is this game? Well at the last minute the Cowboys decided to not allow cameras at today’s practice. Maybe just because of the shortened practice schedule, or maybe Garrett his working on something top secret!

And the Cowboys offense might need some secret sauce right now. Without Zeke on the field they’ve scored just 16 points in the last two games, and Dak Prescott admits it might take some extra effort going forward.

“We’ve got to make guys miss sometimes, 1 on 1’s we’ve got to make guys miss, we’ve got to score, including me,” said Prescott. “Sometimes getting out of the pocket instead of running out of bounds, hey maybe I go try to make that safety miss and score. It’s about that one right now and fighting and it’s got to come out of us right now.”

“Right now” is right. At 5-5 the Cowboys can realistically afford to lose only one more game the rest of the season if they want any shot at making the playoffs.

“It’s going to show the character of our team,” Dak said. “We’ve got the choice to go 11-5 right now or 5-11 or anything in-between.”

So starting Thursday, might as well consider all these games “must wins”. A loss, and the Cowboys playoff hopes will be like your plate after Thanksgiving dinner… empty.