Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday and what we’ll spend this year

ARLINGTON, Tx. - It`s that time of year again - time for holiday shopping!!

"One thing we`ve seen, the economy is very strong right now so many people are expected to spend more than ever before," says Financial Expert Derrick Kinney. "What I encourage my clients to do is take advantage of a good deal if it`s a deal that you would already buy if it weren`t on sale [...] have a strategy, have a game plan of what it is you want to buy, how much you`re willing to spend and really what your budget is."

"In our family we value kind of experienced based gifts also and so this is the first year that I`ve seen some of the craft and science experiment subscriptions," says mother of two, Gara Hill. She says having a plan and starting early is how they beat the holiday hustle. "I feel like you get kind of caught up in the moment when you`re at a store and I feel like I am a little more thoughtful and intentional with the gifts that I give when I am looking online and researching online."

"Cyber Monday is expected to be the number one retail sales day of the entire year!" says Kinney.

Yup you heard that right - looks like Cyber Monday may be edging out Black Friday!

Retailmenot says 51% of Americans will do most of their shopping online this weekend with clothes and shoes topping the list, and gaming and technology are right behind.

"So many analysts think this could be one of the record setting sales times of the entire year and also possibly the entire decade," says Kinney. He also has some words of warning for shoppers: "Incomes are not going up as quickly as inflation for many people. So while they may feel more flush right now, I want them to be cautious about what they spend."