Majic Mic: Cuffing season!

DALLAS -- We just love this time of year. The temperature is dropping, we’re preparing for the holidays and holiday parties; tis’ the season known as cuffing season.

It’s the time of year when we all want someone to snuggle and keep warm with, show off at the holiday party and maybe even someone to take home to mom and dad.

So if you are single, you need a good playlist to woo that potential holiday bae. Here are our favorites that we would anyone around.

Prince’s Adore is a sensual masterpiece! It’s guaranteed to give any woman butterflies. D’Angelo’s, Untitled, is pretty self-explanatory.  Floetry’s Say Yes is another one that can speak for itself.

Now almost any song by Tank could be on this list but When We from his latest album Savage, works just perfectly.

Janet Jackson’s Any Time Any Place might better be saved for a little later in your relationship. In other words, not too soon. Same with Usher’s, Trading Places. Wait about six weeks into the cuffing for this one. And of course, all the ladies love LL Cool J’s, I Need Love is a staple on this list.

Now if these can`t help you out, maybe you should go out and buy an expensive car, or something!