Join the Club: Get some ‘axe-citement’ in your life with Dallas Axe Throwing!

Need some "axe-citement" in your life? Well, Dallas Axe Throwing is providing all the fun you'll need!

So, get ready to release your inner lumberjack!

"There's something almost primal about throwing an axe," said a Dallas Axe Thrower Daryl Swanson. "It's a generations-old weapon used for camping and hunting and everything else. So being able to kind of reach into that almost primal instict, to be able to throw this sharp object and stick it to the board is a sound of triumph in a sense."

If you're ready to give it a go, here's how you can join the club!

Dallas Axe Throwing has a winter league. The winner gets a trophy, a cash prize and the chance to go up north.