1 on 1 : Donald Trump & Lavar Ball’s beef just got worse

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Ball drama just went into OT and it's all thanks to President 'Twitter fingers.' Apparently Trump is rethinking his decision in helping three UCLA players dodge prison time in China.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted how "Lavar Ball, the father of Liangelo ball is unaccepting of" what he did.  Trump also says he should have left the three players in jail. Damn, Donald.

We thought this beef was squashed when all three players publicly thanked Trump last week and apologized for shoplifting from a Louis Vuitton store.

Well, now POTUS is pissed about Lavar's recent interview with ESPN. When asked about Trump's efforts to get his son back home Lavar seemingly downplayed the situation.

Trump's received his apology from the players, so we wonder what he wants from 'Big Baller'?!

At this point, we're thinking a game of one-on-one is the only thing that can end this Twitter tantrum!