Minnie’s Food Pantry helps veterans provide Thanksgiving for their loved ones

DALLAS - For one energetic non-profit, this Thanksgiving is all about thanking those who have given. Minnie’s Food Pantry literally rolled out the red carpet to give veterans living in North Texas some recognition, with a side of turkey and all the traditional Thanksgiving trimmings.

Chery Jackson, founder of Minnie’s Food Pantry, says she wanted them to have the whole experience. “I heard there were veterans that weren’t going to have a Thanksgiving meal.” Volunteers from all over went to the Dallas Veterans Administration on South Lancaster to hand out everything it takes to make a holiday dinner, along with some Walmart giftcards.

Jackson says she wants to give veterans the opportunity to cook their own meals and empower them to invite their families and friends into their own homes. She says, “As the daughter of a former Marine, I feel it is important to serve our own veterans first, before our annual giveaway, where we will be feeding 10,000 on this Saturday. It is always an honor to serve those who serve our country and see the genuine gratitude on their faces.”

Army veteran Rodney Greer says he’s thankful for the opportunity. “There are a lot of people out there who are homeless, and don’t have jobs, and they need something like this.”