Disrespecting your Uber driver can get you kicked to the curb

DALLAS -- You know when you think your joke is funny, but it turns out that it isn’t? Offensive jokes can actually get you blacklisted from Uber. Kinda like a funny scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Disrespecting your Uber driver can get you kicked to the curb, they have community guidelines listed on their website. Remember the Dallas prosecutor who lost her job after audio was released of her swearing at her Uber driver? She may never get picked up again.

We hopped into a Dallas Uber driver’s car, he did not want to be identified, however he says, “I am aware of my surroundings.” He is prepared for whoever will get into his car. “I had one lady get mad at me one time, she goes, you’re making me so late. And I said, well if I’m making you that late, you can either be late, or step outside out of the car and be really late."

After he kicks someone out, the rest is up to the company. They may take away your privileges if you break property, hit someone, have sex in the car, or break the law. Something else that will get you kicked out is trying to grope the driver. In fact, Jameis Winston is being investigated by the NFL, accused of trying to grope his Uber driver.