DFW man in prison for 11 years uses his fingers to paint and is now selling them in Frisco!

FRISCO, Tx. - To the naked eye, the video looks like a montage of beautiful paintings - and they are - but they're so much more than that.

"It's an apology to mother earth, red and the black is the blood shed," says the artist, Courtney Peace, "mother earth right there and she's suffering from our chaotic ways."

Peace is one of the artists showcasing his work at Frisco Fine Art gallery. "It's more than just paint to me because it's actually what got me through," says Peace. "I spent 11 years in prison for a robbery [...] you know you`re incarcerated, but you get a blank board like you did in prison you know it's my freedom."

That freedom extends through his fingertips when he paints and now six years out of prison with a blank canvas in front of him - he's an entrepreneur and mentor with Cornbread Hustle.

"When did you learn how to paint, and he said 'well in prison I learned how to paint with my fingers,'" says Cheri Garcia with Cornbread Hustle, "and I said 'I know this art gallery, I think we can get you in, we have an incubator with Cornbread Hustle, we help felons start businesses, we would love to bring you in, come meet our class, and he's been a part of our class ever since and has been a great asset to everything we're doing."

"I grew up in Oak cliff and I used to draw houses that I imagine myself living in," says Peace, "and I just currently got that house."

And he's got some advice for those who were in his shoes. "You got one life to live and that's just one chapter in your life so it's a big old book, you decide on what the next chapter's going to be [...] you define who you are [...] take everything what you've learned that you've been through and apply it to the next day, I mean that's what I do"

Hopefully those words can help put someone at peace.