PMS truck arrives in Dallas to get rid of period talk taboo

DALLAS, TX. - Many see periods happening like a scene out of dirty love, but there`s no need to ovary-act.

The PMS truck has arrived in Dallas after traveling the country trying to drive home the point that there`s no need to cramp up, bleeding doesn't have to be taboo!

'In fact it`s a very natural and bodily function that happens to every woman, so what we really want to do is bring engagement and a conversation around periods so that it`s not taboo anymore and we`re using this truck and the idea of this period proof underwear to tell that story," says Siobhan Lonergan, VP of Thinx Brand. You read that right - Period Proof Underwear! "It`s real, regularly like underwear, looks and feel like underwear but it can act as a replacement or a backup to your usual period routine."

So now you know - when mother nature comes calling - there`s no need to hide. In fact, they`re calling for "fearless bleeding."

"We want to make sure that everyone can bleed fearlessly," says Lonergan. "We actually have a period specialist on board, where you can make an appointment to talk to her about your period and then she`ll give you some advice, she`ll talk to you about our products, and help you find the best solutions for your period."

So if you`re thinking about a visit to the "Period Management Service" truck - for an appointment or to just browse and go with the flow - you have only until Saturday. Period.

Click here for a schedule and list of events for the company while they're in town!