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Fitt 33: Stay fit this holiday season with our Holiday Hustle Series! – Round 2

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The holidays have arrived and so have the food temptations!

Stay active and on track with our Holiday Hustle Series: workout routines that can be done in the comfort of your own home, hotel room or during break time at work! Here we go!

Round 2


- Wide pushup - Bring your arms out wider than a regular push up. Grip the ground to distribute weight throughout your hands. This is a great upper body workout.


- Decline pushup - Elevate your feet (the higher the feet the more intense) and focus on your range of motion. This is another exercise that is meant to challenge you, so remember to move slow and controlled. A plyo box can be used for beginners & a chair for the more advanced.


- Deficit pushups - Deficit means elevating your hands and lowering your chest below that level. This creates a bigger range of motion providing stretch and resistance to help you build functional strength. Consider using weight plates or text books for this exercise.

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