Dad of drunk driving crash victim says DWIs are socially acceptable

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CEDAR HILL - Law enforcement from five counties across North Texas are warning the community that driving drunk is a bad idea. They say if you drink and drive this holiday season, they will lock you up.

Officials from Dallas, Denton, Tarrant, Collin, and Ellis counties gathered in Cedar Hill Wednesday to outline their plan to keep North Texas safe during the upcoming holiday season.

Pat Murphree is among the people sending the warning about drunk driving. Ten years ago, his daughter, Jackie was driving to her Dallas internship. Jackie was a senior in college, soon to graduate and be independent. However, her whole life changed when a drunk driver smashed into her driver’s side door.

The crash happened at 8:30 in the morning, as a drunk driver was coming off a closed road. “Jackie was in a coma for about three and a half months; and since then she is considered out of the coma, but she's, it's called, minimally conscious," Pat says.

Pat’s life has completely changed as well. He spends all of his time taking care of Jackie. “This isn`t fun. I don't like it for her because I know she did not want to live this way. Some days, it is hard watching her suffer through it," he says.

Pat says it seems to be socially acceptable to get a DWI, and that's a problem.

While officers are threatening jail, worse than that is what you might do to someone like Jackie.