Cards Against Humanity is tackling Trump’s border wall this holiday season

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There's only one card game that can be obscene, raunchy and hilarious all at the same time; Cards Against Humanity!

And for the past few years, the geniuses behind the card game, have rolled out a holiday stunt. This year, they’ve decided to take on President Donald Trump, by buying land.

Well, it's not just any old plot, its land along the U.S. Mexico border. Their goal is all about making it as time-consuming and expensive as possible to build Trump’s border wall.

The campaign, they're calling Cards Against Humanity Saves America, allows their fans to become part owners of the land.

And you, well could have, been a part of it, if the promotion didn't sell out in less than a day!

But like we said, this isn't the first time the clever card company pulled a holiday stunt and it probably won't be the last!

Last year, it was the holiday hole. Basically, exactly what it sounds like. A massive hole in the ground for no reason whatsoever. And three years ago, they were sending poop through the mail. For $6, you could get your very own box of poop called bull****!

Talk about a wild card!