Sexist or nah? App shows what you look like without makeup

Ladies, there's nothing wrong with getting cute and snapping a selfie!

But, beware, there's a new app out there uncovering the girl behind the makeup.

Ashot Gabrelyanov has launched  MakeApp, an app that transforms a selfie into a makeup less one.

Check out how Reese Witherspoon would allegedly look without her full face.

Angelina Jolie?

Now, we don't know how spot on this MakeApp really is, but a lot of reviews out there are calling it "sexist," "BS," and says it "wants to destroy women's self esteem."

Well, the creator told Buzz Feed the app "was an experiment" and the media has "characterized it as a bunch of 'tech bros' trying to hurt women, which is so far from the truth."

But, there are also women out there who aren't so butt hurt behind the app.

Well, if we want to make things even. Let's create an app that reveals what some of these men would look like without their beards.