These five Texas cities spend A LOT of money for the holidays

SUGAR LAND, TX -- The holidays are just around the corner people, and we can already hear our wallets crying from the amount of money we'll spend on gifts.

As it turns out, several Texas cities shell out the most when it comes to spending that green. According to, there are five Texas cities on the top 20 list of "who spends the most money during the holidays" per person!

Towards the bottom of the list is Frisco at number 19, with an average holiday budget of $1,740.

Flower Mound sits at number 16 with $1,825.

Then we jump up a few ranks to number nine, and no one should be surprised on this one. Allen spends $2,163 on average for the holidays.

League City falls at number seven with$2,225.

The biggest spending city in Texas and lands number two on the list is Sugar Land! The city just outside of Houston may not be number one on the list, but with an average holiday spending amount of $2,368, it might as well be!

Sugar Land finished behind the number one city, Naperville, Illinois by only $13! To put all of this into perspective, the study predicts the average spender will fork over $967 bucks for gifts this holiday season.

So maybe Texans blew that number out of the water, but you know what they say: Everything's bigger in Texas! Including the gifts!