President Trump’s second and final day in China

President Donald Trump and the First Lady attended a state dinner in Beijing on their second and final day in China.

During afternoon tea, Trump treated President Xi Jinbing to a video of his granddaughter, Arabella, singing.

But, it wasn't all fun and games.

The presidents held a joint press conference. While discussing ways to handle North Korea, Trump slammed the old administration.

"We agreed not to replicate failed approaches of the past and there were many," he said. "We agreed on the need to fully implement all U.N. Security Council resolutions on North Korea and to increase economic pressure until North Korea abandons its reckless and dangerous path."

They also talked about things like drug trafficking and terrorism.

"Terrorists are a threat to all of humanity, and we will stop radical Islamic terrorism," Trump said.

The president also said, "President Xi and I discussed ways we can enhance coordination to better counter the deadly drug trade and to stop the lethal flow of poisonous drugs into our countries and into our communities."

On a brighter note, both countries agreed to work on their differences and signed business deals worth billions of dollars.

"As I said to the president, the pacific ocean is big enough to  accommodate China and the United States, " Xi said. "There is far more common interest between our two countries than differences. During this visit, the two sides signed over $250 billion US of commercial deals and two-way investment agreements."

Guess we can  officially call it a successful visit.

Heck, the president even tweeted about it!