Microsoft comes out with software that will write resume for you

How many of you hate writing a resume?

With so many rules and formats to follow, it can get overwhelming.

But, here’s some news to ease your mind. There’s a new software on the horizon that will write your resume for you!

Microsoft will soon have a new service called “resume assistant.”

Essentially, what this program does is build your resume in word using the information on your LinkedIn account.

But, career experts like Kent Lee from Perfect Resume are a bit skeptical.

Kent says many people don`t have the best profiles on LinkedIn and usually the ones that do already have a great resume to begin with.

“One of the other thing that`s gonna be missing from this technology is just the ability to think critically,” Kent said. “They can`t look at a job description critically and figure out a document that matches that. Only a human brain can do that, right? So that`s why it`s so important to hire a professional or try to do that yourself.”

Kent has some tips to help with writing your resume.

#1 – Don`t add an objective statement. Instead, have an opening paragraph at the top of your resume that introduces who you are and why you`re a good fit for the job.

#2 – Your resume doesn`t have to fit on one page. Two to three pages is acceptable as long as the information is relevant.

#3 – Your resume doesn`t have to be flashy. Every resume gets put through a computer so when an employer is looking to hire, all they need to do is search for keywords, which you can find right there in the job description.

“Literally they`re giving you the answers to the test,” Lee said. “If you want to know what they`re looking for on a resume, just look at the job description. It`s literally like a match game. The information on that job description is over here, they`re gonna be looking for it on the resume trying to find a match. So that`s what you wanna do. Rather than writing a resume from your own prospective…first let`s look at the job description, look at the skills they`re looking for, and then you want to create a resume that showcases your ability to do those skills.”