DISD students will ‘get on the bus everyday’ even with bus agency voted out

DALLAS COUNTY - The wheels on Dallas County Schools buses will soon come to a stop. Tuesday night, 58% voted to boot the bus agency which provides at least 70, 000 kids in North Texas a ride to school.

With DCS out and no current bus system  for next school year, parents are wondering how the affected school districts will keep things rolling. Dallas ISD's superintendent Michael Hinojosa spent Wednesday morning mapping out a plan for his students.

"No change for the parents and students, they'll get on the bus, like they get on the bus everyday," Hinojosa explained. "I can't promise you that it will be better, it's my expectation that it has to be better."

A dissolution committee is set to meet next week. Each school district will have to decide whether to outsource, start their own, or collaborate with another transportation service for the 2018 school year.

Hinijosa also says he's not surprised by last night's vote considering things at DCS had been going downhill.

"When they left their core competence of providing transportation services and started venturing in other opportunities, I think is when they lost their focus, since I been back it hasn't been great."

It's not only parents who are worried. DCS employees are wondering if they'll have jobs come next school year. As far as Hinojosa is concerned, their services are still needed.

"We had one call and that call was from a bus driver, he was like, 'do i still have a job'." "We will continue to need all of these employees bus drivers, mechanics, dispatchers all of those employers will be needed."