Dallas Stars surprise kids at Scottish Rite Hospital

DALLAS, TEXAS -  The Dallas Stars are shining brightly and spreading joy at Scottish Rite!

Players surprised and hung out with young patients and their families on Wednesday.

"It's great to come out and put smiles on these kids faces;ust a few hours of our, time I, think goes a long way with them," defenseman Greg Pateryn said.

Center Gemel Smith said, "They're all excited to see us,  and it's definitely a good feeling that we're here and they're smiling."

"I waited for this day for three months," patient Noah Fellone said. "They autographed my stick and my jersey."

Patient Blerim Bauta said, "It makes me feel good, because everyone cares about this place. It's really cool how they come and visit and take their time."

They played a ton of fun games, colored, signed autographs and even hula hooped!

"A lot of them are energetic . A lot of them are happy. You would never even know that anything is going on," Smith said.

"It's nice to have these little events where you get to take a second and stop, and go out and help someone else, too," Pateryn said.

Yeah, no matter how slippery things get for these patients, the Stars are making it their goal to encourage them.

"The sun is always sunny, just keep fighting and everything will be alright," Smith said.