The Gretchen Carlson Leadership Initiative: Fight back against sexual harassment!

Gretchen Carlson. Perhaps one of the most recognized journalists out there is now being recognized for something else, female empowerment.

"Women are saying enough is enough."

Almost a year ago, the former Miss America winner filed a lawsuit against FOX C.E.O, Roger Ailes. She won $20 million and is now taking what happened to her and using it to help others.

"It really troubled me, like how do I help the single mom who’s already working two jobs just trying to make ends meet and she's also being sexually harassed?" said Carlson. “You know when you're a victim of domestic violence or sexual harassment you feel like you don't have any voice on those issues but you also feel like you don’t have a voice that matters on anything and I want all these women to know I care about their voices.”

Well, to help those voices be heard Carlson, along with Lauren Leader-Chivee, from the All in Together Campaign, have launched the Gretchen Carlson Leadership Initiative. The sole purpose of the year-long program: helping women speak out against sexual harassment and domestic violence. A topic that's been everywhere over the last year.

"When she chose to be public about what happened to her it inspired lots of other women to come forward and of course over the last year we've seen with the Harvey Weinstein case and other stories that have been breaking that women all over the country are saying me too - but it’s not enough,” says Chivee.

The message to women from Carlson and Chivee is clear: It is your life. Your issues. Your voice.

Be fierce!