Trump visits Asia to address trade and North Korea

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President Trump had three main topics to address on his trip to Japan: trade, Texas and North Korea.

President Trump says he wants the U.S. and Japan to have a more reciprocal relationship and the free trade he wants the U.S. and Japan to have doesn't exist right now.

"I know that we will be able to come up with trade deals and trade concepts that are going to be fair to both countries and actually I think will actually be better for both countries," Trump said. "

But, one issue the two leaders see eye-to-eye on... North Korea.

Japan's prime minister says they support Trump's "all options on the table" ideology.

"People said that my rhetoric is very strong, but look what's happened with very weak rhetoric over the last 25 years. Look where we are right now," Trump said.

Trump's next stop on the five-country Asian tour is South Korea, where discussions about trade and North Korea's nuclear capabilities are expected.

President Trump says he expects to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin during this trip.

This is Trump's first visit to the region as president, and the longest foreign trip so far of his administration.