Supergirl S03 E04: Cult religion, 5 world killers, Samantha Arias’ true identity!

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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

This episode of Supergirl Faithful Takes us to Church! the Church of Rao that is! Rao is Krypton's prime deity and also the name of it’s red son.  When earthling Thomas Coville is saved by Supergirl from the same near fatal plane crash that opened season one, his search for Kryptonian knowledge and artifacts leads him a Kryptonian space time capsule/probe containing information about Rao and their culture. Coville uses this info to create a church of Supergirl, his messiah, the savior of Earth!

As Supergirl discovers the darker side of cult like religion, Coville devises a plan to gain more followers by setting the Kryptonian probe up at a Hockey game thinking a rescue by Supergirl the Savior will convert the crowd to his cult.

With the space time capsule also containing Kryptonion soil samples or Kryptonite, SG is powerless to stop the impending implosion - even going so far as to show she can bleed scaring away Coville's acolytes. In a last minute save, SG uses heat vision to bore through the earth crust to bury the probe. But wait.. what's this? The probes destruction sets off a reaction in a similar Kryptonian craft!?

Plus a dark vision and cloaked figure's visit to Samantha Arias calls out her true identity - Reign! So let's put these together using comic info! Reign was a genetic, scientific creation called a "world killer" developed by the Krypton Science Council of which comic Kara's dad Zor-El was a member. This connection somewhat being established from the vision in episode one where Kara's mom allura also becomes a deathly shrieking banshee identical to our cloaked figure in this episode.

And Reign wasn't the only worldkiller! There were five in total! Did you count the number of stasis tubes in that newly awakened Kryptonian craft? Five! Five status tubes - five world killers?

It may be a little too early connect all the dots but Samantha Arias' origin as Reign is developing.

Aside - With Maggie Sawyer actor Floriana Lima's change from full cast to guest starring, I'm worried the division between Alex and Maggie over kids will doom their relationship.

Our newest episode explores more the Maggie/Alex relationship plus it's the return of villainous real estate developer Morgan Edge! Can he take down Lena Luthor by connecting her and her daxamite lead device to the lead poisoning of children in National City.

It's a new Supergirl in Damage!