Jersey of the Game: Fan wears Bobby Carpenter’s number with pride

ARLINGTON — We love our Cowboys jerseys, whether they are current stars, throwback legends or guys who don’t even play here anymore.

Every home Cowboys game, we’re out at the tailgating parties looking for one that stands out from the others: the Jersey of the Game!

Not every Cowboy can become a legend, and that’s very true for Bobby Carpenter. He’s probably the biggest draft bust in Cowboys history, but that isn’t stopping one fan from wearing Carpenter’s old jersey with pride!

“Still rocking it,” laughed Chance Frampton. “I was a pretty good player in middle school and high school and 54 was always my jersey number, so my parents bought me a Bobby Carpenter because it was the only 54 they could find.”

Hey, any bandwagon fan can wear a Dak or Dez jersey. It takes a true die-hard to wear this one!

Heading out to the game? Be sure to rock your best Cowboys jersey and you could be our next Jersey of the Game!