Former congressman Anthony Weiner is officially behind bars for sexting a minor

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AYERS, Mass. -- Anthony Weiner  is officially behind bars.

The former congressman turned himself in on Monday to begin his 21-month sentence.

He was dropped off by his brother at Devens Federal Prison in Ayers, Massachusetts after spending his last day of freedom with his father in Manhattan.

The 53-year-old was sentenced back in September for sexting with a 15-year-old girl in 2016.

The minor, hasn't been named, Provided with texts between her and the disgraced politician.

She said Weiner asked her to undress herself for him and engage in sex acts over video.

Not only did this bring his marriage to Hillary Clinton's top aid,  Huma Abedin,  to flames. It also destroyed his political career.

The one-time front runner for NYC mayor must now  register as a sex offender.

And in addition to spending the next two years in prison, the former U.S. representative  will also serve 3 of supervised release.

But for now,  he can look forward to the prison's pretty tasty menu for the rest of the week.

It includes, pizza, spaghetti and burger. And on Friday, he'll be having not one, but two hot dogs for dinner.