A NASCAR driver is racing for her nephew who has cancer and started his own foundation!

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FORT WORTH, Tx. - So the big NASCAR O'Reilly Auto Parts 300 is in town this weekend and someone you really want to look out for - Saturday night at 7:30 - is Angela Ruch.

Not only is she one fast female burning rubber, but she’s racing for a good cause - a family member, with cancer who's trying to make changes one lap at a time.

A colorful paint job is a major part of a NASCAR vehicle. Drivers use it for sponsorships, memories, and often times to raise awareness about something near and dear to their hearts.

"My nephew about a year ago was diagnosed with stage three brain cancer at the age of 17, it obviously catches any or everybody off guard," says seven year NASCAR driver, Angela Ruch, "there`s 200 kids a year that are diagnosed with this brain cancer."

Now she has an extra touch of color for her nephew Eric Erdman.

"A little after he got diagnosed and he was like Aunt Ang [...] I have a great idea, I`d love to raise awareness, and I was like, that`s a great idea!" says Ruch. "He came up with `Give a Child a Voice` he came up with it on his own, it was pretty impressive."

So she puts the idea in motion, for the fourth time this year in this weekend's race at the Texas Motor Speedway. "I`m racing for him today as I will be for him next year, for the rest of my life, he`s such a talented kid and he`s just, he`s the best."

"My health, I don't look at it like it is a negative thing," says Erdman, "it is what it is. You can't change it... the only direction I want to go is forward." He certainly isn't sitting there hoping people feel bad for him. He's raising awareness about child abuse, abduction, bullying and cancer - through his T.E.K Foundation - which was named after his twin brother who died at birth. "Together, I think her [Angela] and I can accomplish anything!"

Ruch says that`s the goal for him, for her, and for anyone watching: "Whether they`re battling something at home like Eric, or I`m out here running in NASCAR, just never give up on your dreams and hopes and you just got to keep moving forward."

And she is definitely leading by example.